Thanks for visiting Pippin Points. My name is, Stephanie, but more importantly, this is about Pippin, she's my trusty sidekick. She’s my ride or die bitch, soul sister, and shadow. She’s a German Shorthaired Pointer and she’s canine perfection. Wherever I am, she's always close by. This blog isn’t about her, well not always, but she’s my inspiration and the apple of my eye. 

I’m a wife, a bit of a workout-a-holic, an eye roller from waaay back, yogi, cook, elephant lover, Le Creuset hoarder, traveler, sarcastic biatch, wannabe skateboarder, text book introvert, lover of waves, daughter, sister and friend to some of the most amazing people. 

I'm inspired by positive energy, big smiles, genuine hugs, sage advice, and believing that we ALL have the opportunity to impact our world in a positive way. Blue and green are my all time favorite colors and sometimes orange. I collect crystals and rocks and I believe in their powers. I sage everything on the reg and burn incense like it's my job. 

I hope to bring a smile to your face, maybe even make you chuckle. I hope to make you feel uplifted and ready for whatever is coming your way. This is real life. My real life. We're in this together. I promise to sugarcoat only when necessary and to always come to you out of a place of respect and love. 

I wouldn’t say our life is extraordinary but it’s unique and fun and so are we. 


"I have no special talents, I am just passionately curious." Albert Einstein