Work in Progress

February is here in all of it's gray glory. It's cold but not cold enough for snow. And the silly groundhog predicted more Winter, great. It came in with purpose on the heels of a gorgeous  s u p e r  moon and lunar eclipse. Did you feel like a straight up nut case last week or was it just me? It's ok if you need to lie to yourself there, but I know the truth. I spent enough time in my car to notice I wasn't the only one losing my mind. 

After the holidays and the complete lack of moderation that came along with them, I happily reeled myself in and enjoyed a dry January and completed the Whole30 (strict paleo). I needed a swift kick in the ass. I'm going to go out on a limb and call myself a healthy human. I eat healthfully (most of time), I workout, I read, I consciously avoid things, people, circumstances, and substances that aren't good for me but it's more than that. None of that matters if I don't feel good! And it's not just one of those things, it's all of those things and lots more all done in a perfect rhythm that makes you feel good and healthy.

Damn, that sounds like a lot of work . . . 

Newsflash, it is a lot of work. It's so much work in fact that I can actually do more work in an effort to avoid said work. I have become a professional at telling myself I am healthy and that I am doing all the right things just so that I don't have to readjust or change up my game. Well, that's ludicrous. No one thing, plan, diet, or schedule works forever. If change is a good thing (it is, I promise) than it certainly applies here as well. And thats why, in my opinion, I will always be a work in progress. What worked five years ago, one year ago, one month ago, last week might not be what works TODAY. And it really is all about today. 


This morning something (see picture) that was physically unavailable to me for almost a year happened again, without pain. This is huge. My knee injury was so challenging for me. I couldn't move the way that I had been used to and consequently I had to deal with the mental and emotional setbacks that came along with the lack of movement. Slowly but surely I'm working my way back, mini milestone after mini milestone. I may never be back to where I was but I'm learning that isn't important. What's important now is remaining in touch with my body right now. Learning it so well that I reduce my risk of further injury and push it to it's current limits again and again as I rebuild my strength. And patience. Our bodies are pretty awesome and sometimes they just require time, at their own pace, to rebuild damage, to break through barriers and to get stronger. 

In an effort to keep that new year motivation rolling, I'm making a conscious effort everyday to check in and I mean really check in and pay attention to what it is that I need. And to take it a step further, I'm actually attempting to do whatever it is that I need; more gym time, less gym time, a long run, a short walk, more quiet time, more salads, a brownie, whatever it is, my plan is to listen and then act. I'm recommitting to the process of me everyday. I'm attempting to embrace the process, the ebb and flow, the ups and downs and everything in between.

What are you doing as 2018 charges along to be more in touch with you? What steps are you taking to embrace each day? How are you living a more present life? I want to know or I wouldn't be asking. Reach out. Sometimes a little support is just the thing to keep you on track or to reel you back in.