Crying in Public

It's the last day of 2015... Woah!

Last night I reluctantly dragged myself to my favorite yoga class (the one I could barely make it through before, yep, favorite!). Only reluctantly because it's almost impossible to be motivated at the end of day when it's dark, drizzly and your pup is being extra cuddly. I managed to tear myself away and boy am I glad that I did. 

Duh, who doesn't feel great following a wonderful workout. I would bet it all that no one, ever, has finished a tough workout and then wished they hadn't. It doesn't happen and if it does you're doing life wrong.

Something new happened last night. I cried... Yep, I lost it. 

Let me explain.

I successfully made it through the entire class, sweaty as hell, but still tearless. We were in Savasana aka Corpse Pose to finish out the class. The teacher usually reads something motivating, inspiring, thought provoking, etc. Last night, she read this.

Hopefully now, you've read it too. It's not earth shattering and who even knows if it's true. But regardless, it spoke to me. Without going into detail (because it doesn't matter) life has been really heavy lately and this was the perfect reminder, small things can matter the most. I've been ultra sensitive lately and this seemed to be my tipping point. For the record, me saying that I've been 'ultra sensitive' is nuts because I usually am. So for kicks, take 'ultra sensitive' and multiple it by at least a thousand, hellllloooo. And don't read sensitive, like crying everyday, read it like, feeling more deeply, being more internal, being more easily affected. 

We've only got today. Who will you positively affect? What kind of difference can you make? And please don't think that to make a legitimate impact you need a 'thank you,' an applause or even recognition. You actually don't need any of that. Treat others and the world how you would like to be treated and do it all just because it feels good!

After class, the teacher, who noticed the tears, was sweet and offered an understanding hug. I blubbered and asked if she would send me the link for the story. She readily agreed and shared that it had just been something she saw on Facebook and felt like she should share. Neat, right! She had no idea that it would impact any of us, but it did! It made me cry, in public, unheard of! 

My wishes for the new year, less public tears, lots more yoga, loads of good vibes, laughter, good health, self growth, adventure and hopefully, the sensitive meter is easing it's way back down to my normal ultra sensitive level.

Best wishes to you all for a happy and most of all, healthy New Year! Spread love and light wherever you go and remember, it's the little things!