There's a first time for everything... and gratitude.

Hey-O! And that's a fact, there IS a first time for everything (if you want there to be) and this happens to be my first blog post. Eeeekkkkkk! This is so exciting and a little nerve wracking. Here goes.  

Gratitude: "a feeling of appreciation or thanks" Merriam-Webster

I've been thinking about gratitude a lot lately. I recently got married and the outpouring of love and support we have been receiving is mind-blowing. At times it's also a little overwhelming but I'd certainly take all this love over the alternative, nothing. 


Sometimes it takes a life changing event, an illness, an accident, a brush with death, you name it, for us to slow down and put things into perspective and have gratitude. What if we were grateful for all that we have on a regular basis? What if it didn't take an illness to realize you've got to tell the people you love how you feel? If you love 'em, tell 'em. Now. 

I've written so many damn thank-you cards lately I could scream, literally. I even bought beautiful Crane Stationary ones hoping that it might be a little less of a chore. That helped for like the first three. It's amazing though, here I am bitching about writing thank you cards. WTF. What a dumb, white girl problem, seriously it's a little embarrassing. Don't lie to yourselves or me, everyone feels like this, right? Our mommas raised us to write thank you notes, dammit. And maybe because of that or the overwhelming feeling of guilt I know would overtake me, I can't imagine not doing it! These sweet people deserve to open a beautiful hand written note that expresses my deepest thanks. I don't care if it takes me a year, I will write every one who has so generously given us wedding gifts a note. It means so much. They've got to know how much they mean to us and the gratitude I have that they are a part of our lives. 

I'm hoping and planning to continue my gratitude streak far beyond the mountain of thank you notes and the high of being a newlywed. I'm blessed beyond measure and I believe to my core that what you put out there comes back to you.