Summer Shakedown

Because I know y'all are curious...

Feeling... Lucky. Seriously. So. Lucky. I just look around and everything I see and everyone I know all make me outrageously fortunate. I could go on and on. I am one lucky duck. Thank you universe! Oh and sleepy, I'm also feeling sleepy. Does hot humid weather, excessive exercise, and drinking do this to anyone else? Sheesh, I feel like I could sleep for days.

Wishing... It would rain. I'm tired of watering plants and still having them on the verge of crispy. 

Playing... Backgammon. Lots of backgammon. Another camping and family tradition. It gets pretty cut throat and dangerous. My mom is the worst and she taught us all! Addicting as hell. I keep losing but that hasn't stopped me yet. Not that I was keeping track, but it was the only thing my brother could beat me at this past weekend, if you see him, you should ask him about the push-up contest. 

Eating... Poorly but enjoying every single bite. The food vacation officially ended today. I'll let you know how that goes.

Drinking... Party Punch. It could be dangerous if I made it with more frequency. Here's the recipe: 1 can of frozen lemonade concentrate, 2 light beers (I use Michelob Ultra or Bud Light), 1 cup or more of vodka (I use Absolut). Combine well and serve over ice. Enjoy the party!

Doing... Mountains and mountains of laundry.

Watching... We may be a little late but we recently discovered the newer Netflix series, Bloodline. Thanks to Netflix we could, if desired, binge watch the hell out of this but luckily we've been too tired. So so so good.

Listening... The Revivalists' new album 'Men Amongst Mountains' is pretty fantastic. And do yourself a favor and check out the new album, 'Soul Food' from The Word. 

Admiring... CC, my old and dear friend from way back in my Florida days. She recently took the plunge and started her own blog. She's awesome and so is her blog. Even though time and life has changed what we had, it's pretty awesome to still have her in my life. Our stories are the kind that make you laugh out loud with embarrassment and make you wonder how we made it to class on Saturday mornings. Sometimes you just got to jump in and I'm so glad you did! 

Wearing... Lululemon everything. It's beyond perfect gym wear but I take it further, running shorts and a cute racerback, it's pretty much my uniform. I'm sure Stacy London would have something to say but I'm pretending she'd approve.

Dreaming... About a six pack, and not the kind you drink. I'm probably closer than I've ever been, this past weekend was a monumental setback (and totally worth it), but I'm still on the hunt. 

Loving... CrossFit Rappahannock aka my new gym. It's such an upgrade and exactly what was missing from my training. I love the coaching, the atmosphere, and the possibilities that I feel are open to me. 

Loathing... The fact that at least 80% of my body is covered in mosquito or some type of insect bites. What the fuck. Sweet meat.

Cooking... Actually grilling, STEAK, like it's my job. My husband better step away from the grill, I've watched him closely for six long years and I've finally perfected it. Who the hell is Ruth Chris?! I may share this top secret technique one day. Stay tuned.

Baking... Nothing since Zuccnana Bread, it's too damn hot. 

Purchasing... Baby gifts for EVERYONE. So many of our friends are having babes or have babes that are having birthdays. Click here for the most adorable onesies and t-shirts. Little nuggets everywhere.

Wanting... It's been happening again, but recently I've been wanting to find a job. Woah! Maybe in a couple months.

Observing... Dust bunnies. It's time to vacuum, again! 

Reading... Garden and Gun. It's my favorite. I want Pip to be a featured dog, hmm...

Rearranging... Closets. All of our closets. You know how they can become catchalls? Well, that came to a screeching halt in our home. I got those bitches gutted, streamlined, organized and also discovered, hiding under the bullshit, ample existing space! 

Accepting... Change but with a grudge. My best Fredericksburg friend hit the happy trail two weeks ago. She and her husband moved and it left a pretty massive dent in my social calendar. Ouch. She was also my neighbor so every time I walk Pip, I'm slapped in the face with a reminder that she's gone. I'll accept it, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss the hell out of her!

Enjoying... Driving my mans truck as my primary vehicle. The Jet has been in the shop for a week or so (looong story) and I've been joy riding around town in the truck. Guilty pleasure. 

Planning... Athletic goals... I'm trying to fill up the calendar. I'm thinking Richmond Half-Marathon (loved this race), maybe a SuperFit competition (this one terrifies me!), and then some spring running events. I've been really working on pushing myself to be better and I've realized that by setting goals or paying entry fees helps to give me training deadlines that I can stick to. 

I'm not nearly as glamorous as you probably imagined *sigh* but this is what's been going on here. What's happening in your world? I'd love to know.