It's HERE! And Winter Shakedown

New year, new you?!

Bullshit... Well, at least I hope not. But don't say it unless you mean it. Hope it's going well, really!

Feeling... *Excited* Something about a new year that gets me pumped up! Fresh start, clean slate, you get it, shiny and new! Get some! 

Wishing... It would stay this warm! It's January in Virginia and it was 60 degrees today. Yes please. 

Playing... Nothing. I need some games in my life. Open to suggestions!

Eating... All the clean things. Started the Whole30 about a week ago and it feels good. Definitely getting positive reinforcement from my body that it was about damn time for this again!

Drinking... Coffee, tea, and so so so so much water.

Doing... This ridiculously loooooong list... 

Watching... Netflix, 'Making a Murderer.' But duh, everyone is, right? We finished it in record time and I'm still reeling. You should also check out another Netflix docu series 'High Profits' based in Breckenridge, Colorado. It follows the towns challenges with the legalization of recreational marijuana and it's fascinating. 

Listening... My husband rocks and tried to acquire Adele tickets for a Christmas gift, unfortunately he failed. However, in my stocking was a copy of her '25' cd. It's epic and every track is magic. I already od'd on 'Hello' so I just skip it and pretend I know all the words to the other tracks. A hidden cam in my car would make for a good laugh, I'm sure. Oh and also... Chris Stapleton's album 'Traveler' it, also, is awesome and every single track is smooth as butter. Country western crooner butter.

Admiring... My friend Jennifer. She's the epitome of awesome.

Wearing... My new Kale sweatshirt. You've seen them, it says Kale instead of Yale. Sweatshirt perfection. Don't be jealous. It's cozy and rad!

Dreaming... About a beach, palm trees, and tan lines. I don't care that we've been having record breaking temps, it's still January and I miss the beach! Who the hell am I kidding? I'm always, like forever always, dreaming of the ocean. It's good for the soul.

Loving... My new Apple watch!!! Dude, Santa outdid himself this year. I have no idea, and I mean NO idea how to use it to it's full potential but it's still awesome and looks cool. 

Loathing... Nothing. How cool is that? No rants necessary, you're spared.

Cooking... Tonight, for the first time, I'm cooking a spagetti squash. I hope it tastes just like the real thing. Ha. It won't, I'm sure but I made a yummy sauce with turkey meatballz, all Paleo, of course. I'll let you know, sure smells delicious.

Baking... Giving my love handles (wink, wink) the month off while on the Whole30, they frown upon the whole baking thing :( Oh well... Me and my handles will be back with vengeance soon enough.

Purchasing... Well.. Besides the new car!!!!!!!! Just groceries. Moving forward, I've implemented 'no spend' January. 

Wanting... Cheese, bread and maybe a big ol' glass of red wine. 

Observing... Today it rained for a few minutes but the sky was bright blue and there didn't seem to be a cloud in the sky. I'm sure there was a rainbow somewhere but I missed it. It was crazy, random and really beautiful. Pip thought differently as it disrupted her afternoon deck lounge session. Oh, my little hounds life of leisure. 

Reading... 'Five Sisters The Langhornes of Virginia' by James Fox. It's older, published in 2000 but I just rediscovered it in my parents basement. I'm having a hard time getting really into it but to it's credit it has been competing with the likes of 'Making a Murderer.' It's a fascinating story about some remarkable people that I've got some family ties too and it's based at a farm in Greenwood, Mirador, right next door to the farm where I was raised. 

Rearranging... Nothing, unless you count putting away all the Christmas stuff. 

Accepting... The aging process or at least trying too. I never went back to the esthetician who told me I needed Botox not because it was her fault but because I just wasn't there yet. I mean shit, really? It's not even like I'm opposed, there's a time and a place, right? I guess I was just a little taken aback by her forwardness. Regardless of said Botox pushing, I'm working on loving my Botox free face more deeply. 

Enjoying... Getting back to a more 'normal' schedule and routine after the holidays. They were fun and all but it feels great to get back to it! 

Planning... A kitchen and bath remodel. Seriously y'all, it's overdue, we're living several decades behind. I have no idea when this will happen but I'm hoping sometime this year. I know it will help us to love our space more and make us feel more comfortable in our home. If you follow me on Pinterest you're probably sick of my all white kitchen and bath dreams.