Mala mala mala

Sitting quietly by myself, opening packages full of shiny, sparkly, colorful beads, running silk tassels through my dry winter hands and laying all of my treasure on the floor in front of me, wondering how I will join them together into beautiful creations... this is how I've been spending loads of time lately.

For obvious reasons, Pippin, my apprentice, favors the necklaces with antlers. 

For obvious reasons, Pippin, my apprentice, favors the necklaces with antlers. 

The last few months have been a wild ride filled with lots of highs and even some lows. Somehow, and despite being busier than ever, I've managed to fill what little spare time I do have with an incredible and fulfilling new hobby. I've always enjoyed craft projects, hobbies and anything that requires complete focus. It helps to check out or maybe I'm really just checking back in. I'm a textbook introvert but I usually enjoy filling alone time with some type of activity. It's essential in my reboot process. For me, alone time is on the same level as oxygen, it's just that important.  

It all started this past summer while chatting with one of my yoga soul sisters during our teacher training. We shared a love for neck adornment that had tassels! Go figure, me loving something shiny. She definitely planted the seed, "we should make our own" or something to the same effect. We were consumed with our training, summer and life. Earlier this Fall, I went to a local shop that was hosting a trunk show for a woman who designs and makes her own jewelry. While perusing her things, I instantly knew I could make my own. Her creations, although beautiful, were not what I envisioned making but she definitely inspired me to try. I couldn't resist and purchased a couple of her pieces and rushed home where I immediately started scouring the internet for beads, and other supplies. It was happening.

There is something undoubtedly powerful about creating something with your hands. I have completely fallen for the process. I can't say that it has hurt that others seem to be fond of my works either. I have been fortunate enough to have some necklaces on display at the studio, FLY Fitness Inspiration, where I teach yoga. I love that people think they're pretty and run their hands over the beads and smile. 

Is there a hobby or craft that you enjoy? I'm curious and would love to know what others do to "check back in." How did you get started and why do you continue? Is it the thrill of the process to create or maybe it's the finished product that keeps you going? Let me know!