Namesake's Birthday

Yesterday, February 15, 2016, my GSP, Pippin, turned 8. Holy hell, I've successfully kept another living thing alive (besides my jade plant) for close to a decade, not a small miracle. My mom friends joke, especially while their children are still in infancy, that it's a miracle they were able to keep them alive. I think it's natural to feel this way particularly for first time parents. Everyone knows that parenting can be overwhelming. Well, I'm not a parent to any humans but Pippin is definitely my child and the beginning of our journey together was far from easy, it's a good thing she's resilient. 

Pippin was gifted to me by my parents the spring after I graduated from school. I moved back to Charlottesville shortly before Christmas in 2007 with grand plans to move into the ghetto with one of my childhood besties. Everything was in place and we planned to move in after the first of the year. It had been our plan to live together for many years and it was finally happening. You can only imagine our excitement. My homecoming was a booze filled holiday bash that lasted into the new year. The party came to an abrupt halt when I came down with a brutal case of Mono. Needless to say, I was bed ridden at my parents for over a month. Oppsie. I finally recovered and eventually was well enough for my big move to the slums (at that time) of Charlottesville. My parents were thrilled. Side note, today, said ghetto is the place to be. Again, we were just ahead of our time, naturally. 

I had a job, a thriving social life and loads of bad habits. Something was missing. 

Enter Pippin Rose, a whiny, tiny, needy puppy. 

I could barely take care of myself at this point so obviously the addition of a mini, spotted dog was exactly what was missing. We grew up together, literally. Fortunately, she was able to expedite this act. Who knew that eight years later we'd be getting gray hair together? The stories are endless but in order to keep this tribute short, I'll spare you.

My parents were probably just taking a stab in the dark when they gave her to me. 'Maybe this will straighten her out...' I imagine them stressing over my circumstances while drinking their morning coffee. Little did they know they were giving me the friend of a lifetime, a sharer of all my adventures, an endless love, a forgiving teacher, a purpose, and the glimmer in my eye. Who knew, that a puppy was capable of so much. 

Pippin, thank you for loving me so well. Here's to you and many more adventures and years together.