Hey, Universe!

In preparation for an upcoming training (more on this soon), I've been reading a lot. It's been a while since I dove into so many books head first and it's been really fun. These books border on the 'self help' genre with an emphasis on personal development and I've noticed that they are all preaching a similar message just delivering it differently. I'll paraphrase, 'What you put out into the universe you get back.' I dig it. Karma, baby. So, these folks are suggesting that you share with the universe what you want in order for these things (desires/dreams) to more easily manifest in your life. I've never been big on homework but I figured I might as well give it a try since it seemed to be a repeating theme. Here are some of their exercise suggestions:

  • Make lists... the only lists I make are for the grocery store
  • Journaling exercises... ugh...
  • Desire mapping... even with instructions/directions I was confused
  • Etc...


  • Make a VISION BOARD!... Ding ding DING!

Fun! A craft project that required looking through old magazines at pretty pictures and cutting them out. This is a dream come true. I surely would've excelled at homework if it had ever been anything like this. Funny too, because through my internet wanderings, it seems I've heard so many mentions recently of vision boards, on social media, in blogs and on Pinterest. AND to top it all off, these people confirm and endorse the positive effects of these pretty collages. 

It reminds me of my best friend when we were growing up. Her family nickname is Pip, so she's obviously a winner. She was a professional collage maker, like, I'm talking a real deal pro. She made cards, bulletin boards and all sorts of artistic variations. Her work was so inspiring but mine always seemed to look like the kindergarten version. She wanted to be a model (which she totally could have) and dye her hair blonde and I just wanted to get my braces off and find a cure for blackheads. I think the idea of creating an adult version of our childhood and teenage masterpieces was what sealed the deal! 

Pip (the dog) and I dove into our craft project, full steam ahead. I loved gathering the pictures that spoke to me and spent waaaay too much time getting sucked back into the articles of my favorite magazines. I realized shortly after starting that I didn't have all the necessary supplies to successfully complete this project in a day. At first, I was frustrated but then as it sank in, I was totally alright with it. I wanted to do this well. If I'm going to spend so much time with this masterpiece, it better be gorgeous. If I'm selling my dreams to the universe, I'm going to take the time to get it right. I can't wait for you to see the porch on my beach house! 

My husband arrived home and surveyed the scene. I think he rolled his eyes and laughed and then wanted to know what the hell I was doing. Basically, a similar occurance happens on the regular at our house. He's such a lucky duck.

I'm jumping the gun slightly on this post because, days later, and even with all necessary supplies my vision board is still not complete. I've toyed with several variations and I still haven't arrived on one that I'm 100% committed to gluing down. When I have reached my final product and am satisfied with my completed board, ya'll will be the first to know it and see it!

Have you ever made a vision board? I'd love to hear about your journey with asking the universe for everything your heart desires. Tell me about it!