Fresh Start

Hello, Fall!


This time of year is absolutely glorious! As a nature lover and outside fanatic I feel pulled everyday to spend more and more time outside. The crisp air in the evenings and the warm golden hues of the sun kissed days are nature therapy. Bring it on! 

As with the change of all the seasons, the shift from summer to fall brings an interesting and sometimes overwhelming energetic move for a lot of us. I feel it, do you? Things feel more hectic than usual, chaotic even and it's not unusual to feel a complete lack of control. I have had some ups and downs but am finally arriving in a more grounded place. 


I attended a dream come true yoga workshop at the beginning of October and it couldn't have come at more perfect time. I was feeling scattered and flighty but being in a room full of strong, beautiful yogis helped me to reconnect and settle myself. I learned lots of things but my favorite take away was the idea of a fresh start.

Because this wonderful life is always moving, adjusting and throwing us unexpected curveballs, I've strayed many times in the last month from the centered space I found at the workshop. Fortunately, when I give myself some space, I can come right back and find a fresh start. I've been applying that concept to all aspects of my life; my yoga practice, patience, injury, relationships, you name it. Give it a whirl for yourself. We all deserve it. Be kind and gentle with yourself and when things get tricky just tune in, reconnect and find a fresh start.

Speaking of fresh starts, I'm in the process of revamping Pippin Points. I hope to use this site to share, encourage, motivate and connect on a more regular basis. Please stay tuned and join me on my journey.