Two Spaces

I had scrolled Instagram like eighteen times, Pinterest wasn't sparking my interest and I had time to kill. I was sitting in the chair of my friend/hairdresser, beautiful Alia, waiting for my color and my wandering mind floated back to a story that was still searching for a way to be told. To be honest, the situation pissed me off so much that every time I thought about sharing, I was quickly able to come up with about a million better things to do. I wanted there to be a purpose for me to share, a moral to the story, a reason for me to write it and hopefully a reason you wouldn't regret for having committed to reading it. I'm still not sure I've achieved any purpose but it's still nagging to be shared so here goes...

I had done what seemed like thirty loads of laundry. I had folded, laid out and organized assorted camouflage. I refilled and neatly placed together on the bathroom counter all the travel size toiletry items that he could possibly need and some he probably wouldn't need. My husband was preparing to leave town for a week long hunting trip which really meant that I was preparing him to leave town. I was exhausted from the week and my efforts to make his departure as seamless as possible. We decided to run out for a quick bite to eat before we finished packing. 

I drove us to a popular spot and quickly noticed that there were no parking spaces available in their small tight lot. I managed to maneuver my car around and before I pulled out I noticed a person leaving who waved as an effort to offer his spot upon his departure. Thank you, universe. Perfect timing!

I squeezed my ride in between two other vehicles with barely room to spare. Dinner beckoned!

We enjoyed our meal and tied up the loose ends related to his departure. He had been so busy with work that it was a delightful respite to just enjoy some time together as quick and hurried as it seemed. 

We paid our bill, ran into and quickly visited with a friend and then headed off to the car. My husband offered to drive us home and of course, without hesitation, I agreed. We got maybe a block down the road when he noticed a small piece of paper tucked under the driver side windshield wiper. He asked me what it was and then pulled over to investigate. 


I studied his face as he read the note. He smirked and then handed it to me. I was hoping for the best but judging by his face I guessed that it wasn't a love note. Another diner from our dinner spot was apparently irritated with my parking job. 

People actually dot their i's with a circle?!

People actually dot their i's with a circle?!

More upsetting to me than the note itself was the fact that someone actually took the time to write it and then place it on my car. I get it, people are nuts and people driving cars are even nuttier. Sure, like everyone else, I get frustrated by other drivers but I also try and examine the whole situation. I try and not let their boneheaded moves bother me. No fiber of my being can imagine being frustrated enough with another persons parking job to write them a note about it and then place it on their car. And to question my level of consideration towards other humans... shut your mouth!

I've been thinking about this for some time now and it finally came back to my attention last night when I dined with some friends at the same restaurant where said parking malfunction occurred. You better believe I double checked to make sure I was between those lines. And fortunately my car was note free after my meal! 

My point in sharing this story (I think) is to shine some light on what I believe to be the obvious... don't be an asshole. It's actually easier to be friendly. Maybe before losing your shit on a complete stranger consider the entire circumstance. Fact: We all make mistakes! What if we all showed a little grace instead? What if we gave them the benefit of the doubt? What if we didn't immediately jump to our own inconvenience regarding a situation? What if we just rolled our eyes and found another spot?

Another lesson from this situation is to not take others actions to heart. I'm working on this but, man, it doesn't come easily to me. It's hard for me to not take things personally. I'm super sensitive and it is my natural reaction to be immediately impacted by others. I am working on this. Maybe the author of the note was having a bad day, a bad life? Maybe, maybe, maybe... the possibilities are endless. 

To the author of the note: I apologize for any inconvenience I may have caused you. When I squeezed my car perfectly into the spot that was available exactly when I needed it, never did I ever think that months later I would still be studying my actions of that parking job. That, my friend, is how much I consider others. A whole hell of a lot, too much really.


After my parking faux pas, I had the pleasure of witnessing the perfect example of what one car (truck in this case) actually looks like while occupying two spaces. Granted there were ample other available spots but you know what I did? I literally laughed out loud, literally, while I drove my car to an open spot. I pulled out my phone to capture this to support my story and my mother couldn't figure out what was so picture worthy. I think she said, "You must really like that truck." Yes, mom, I really do like that truck.

Do me a favor (I know you already read this whole thing, thank you) Now... Go smile at someone, give someone a hug, tell someone they're doing a great job, go spread some L O V E!