I love this time of year. I look forward to this time of year. It's finally here, the new beginning that awaits us all after the over indulgence that is usually the entire month of December and probably some of November too. The pause and the reset that exists with a new month, a new year. It's here! 

I attempt to have the same measure of anticipation and excitement at the start of each new month, each new week, each new DAY. It's all a gift, every second, every moment. Breathe that in. Let that sink in. 

Years ago, probably almost 20 to be exact, I had a moment. I was at my parents home for New Years Eve which probably wasn't my first choice and nothing happened. That's right, nothing happened, and it was pivotal. I was bummed because it wasn't glittery or loud or blurry or special. Funny though now, all these years later, out of all of the drunken and sparkly NYE's this is the one that stands out the most. My cousin was visiting from Santa Fe and she had invited me to attend an early morning spin class with her on the 1st. I agreed, because why not?

It was my first spin class EVER and I'm pretty sure that was obvious. I didn't have the right shoes. I didn't have earbuds which meant I did the whole class to no music... umm, not ideal. The teacher was great and motivating and I didn't walk out which was a win, especially because it was silent. In retrospect, I realize very clearly, the Universe was totally working her magic. "Here sit with yourself silently for an hour ride" I picture her saying. No easy feat, especially for me in that chapter of my journey. That was quite possibly the most challenging situation imaginable. But, I did it!

Every day we have the unbelievable opportunity to start fresh. At the end of my yoga classes to bring my students out of their rest, out of savasana (corpse pose), they enter fetal position and I tell them to press themselves up to a fresh start, a new beginning. You don't have to complete a yoga class or a spin class or a calendar year to hit the reset button. That reset is always available to you, always.

Go forward into this new year like it's a fresh start. Seize every second of every day and make them all count. If you get off track or fall down, who the hell cares? Be gentle with yourself but pick yourself back up and get back on track (you're strong enough) and keep going. 

Here's to all the great that awaits!