People Suck

Something happened recently that made me want to permanently delete this phrase from my vocabulary.

People don’t suck.

Some people suck but most, in my opinion, are inherently good. I am forever changed for the better because of what I witnessed in a time of great need. I saw and was reminded just how good people really are.

Let me preface this story with a disclaimer: everyone involved is fine.

I received a text message one evening last week that changed my perspective on life. Accompanying the text was a notification of four missed calls from the same person. My immediate thought was wondering what in the hell could be so important?! Calm down, I thought. I’m sure I rolled my eyes at least once and then I called them back. I quickly learned that my husband was being rushed by ambulance to the hospital. He had been in an accident. That news certainly warranted the barrage of calls.

This is that shit that is impossible to prepare yourself for. The stuff that you only ever hear about happening to other people. Hearing news like that for the first time is literally mind blowing… don’t panic, just keep moving and get your ass to the hospital without requiring an ambulance yourself. It’s all a complete blur but somehow I arrived to the hospital in record time and without any accidents. I may have caused some (kidding) but somehow I arrived unscathed and before my husband. I paced outside the emergency room entrance awaiting his arrival.

This story isn’t about him or his accident, it’s about everyone else that helped him and me through this challenging and scary ordeal. I think it’s easy in life to take things and people for granted. With hectic schedules and life happening so quickly it’s easy to feel invisible and out of touch. I think we’ve all had those moments but I promise you that nothing could be further from the truth. I see you and I appreciate you.

From the moment I first stepped foot in the ER and asked where my husband was to the moment we left many hours later, I knew we were in good hands.

The frantic phone calls, texts and immediate response of my husband’s coworkers, our neighbors and friends is overwhelming and without a doubt the reason he is alive. There aren’t enough ways to thank you. Not to mention all of your efforts after the accident to make sure we were taken care of without a thing to worry about. You all are amazing and we are so grateful to each and every one of you.

The intake receptionists who calmly collected my insurance information, found me a phone charger, found me a quiet place to sit and reassured me with comforting smiles, thank you. I didn’t catch either of your names but your tender humanness in my moment of chaos helped me to feel less desperate.

Courtney, my husbands trauma nurse, is basically Wonder Woman and was beyond amazing. Together, focused, diligent and responsive all while juggling me, my beat up man and who knows what else. Your smile and realness was better than what the doctor ordered.

There are few things worse than feeling like a number or burden especially when you are in the ER, a place that reduces even the strongest to vulnerable, in a matter of seconds. I never felt that way, not once. Tiffany, I hope you got to go home when we did. Thank you for talking to me like a human, sharing, and taking such wonderful care of us. Thank you also for the goodie bag of gauze, tape, and other burn care necessities. To the nurse in training, Emily, I think, thank you. You are so fortunate to be able to learn from that incredible team and I have no doubts you will be one of them soon.

The two doctors whose incredible hands my husband found himself in, Dr. Tessema and Dr. Balleh, thank you. We didn’t have much interaction but that’s because it’s hard to be a doctor and manage all that you are suppose to. I appreciate the time we did get and all of your efforts on our part.

You can say that it’s these people’s job to make sure our experience is adequate, and it is, but it’s not their job to go above and beyond and they all did anyway. Every single one of them helped to restore my faith in humanity. Every single one of them made me feel like it was all going to be okay even in a circumstance where nothing was certain.

People don’t suck. People are so good.

My take away from all of this is really that simple. I know life is hard sometimes and sometimes you feel like you can’t catch a break and it would be easier to just be grumpy and suck but don’t do it. Be good, dig deep for the good, it’s in there and it’s worth finding. Not only will it change your outlook, possibly even your circumstances but it may even do the same for someone else. To me, that’s worth it every single time.

If I wasn’t grateful for my wonderful life already, I was certainly reminded of how precious it all really is and how lucky I feel to live the life I do. And what also comes with experiences like the one I recently lived is the healthy dose of perspective that it brings with it. I can’t tell you how much pointless crap I worry about on a daily basis, it doesn’t matter, I promise. Let that go. What does matter is the people you love and the relationships that you have with them.

Would you do me a favor? We’re over here healing, feeling tremendously grateful and trying to get back to normal and we want you to reach out to someone you love and make sure that they know how you feel. Don’t let an opportunity to share your feelings pass you by.

If you see me soon, expect a giant hug.