I originally pursued yoga as another physical challenge but quickly learned that the physical benefits were simply just the tip of the iceberg. The potential for personal growth through this practice was more than I could have ever expected. Yoga has become one of my life’s greatest teachers. Every day on my mat, I learn something new that is transferable to the rest of my world. When I need a new perspective, yoga is there. When I need to breathe, yoga is there. When I need a challenge or when I am faced with one, yoga is there. When I need to find my voice, yoga is there. When it’s time to celebrate, yoga is there. When everything else fails, yoga is always there. My yoga practice has positively impacted every single part of my life. Yoga has taught me to let go as often as it has encouraged me to hold on. Our bodies are strong, capable and always willing to work for us and yoga helps to light the way into this self discovery. My goal as a teacher is to share this amazing gift and to open the door to a practice that has potential beyond our wildest comprehension.



My teaching schedule:

Tuesday & Thursday 10:15am Warm Stability (1 hour) @ FLY Fitness Inspiration

Wednesday 7am Flash Flow (45mins) @ FLY Fitness Inspiration

Thursday 5:00pm Athlete Recovery Yoga (1 hour) @ CrossFit Rappahannock


Join me sometime soon! xo